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After sister brother Mariah Carey also sues for biography

A month after her sister’s legal action, Mariah Carey (51) is now also being sued by her brother. Morgan Carey went to a judge in New York on Wednesday for excerpts from the singer’s autobiography.

According to Morgan, Mariah is guilty of slander in the book. She writes in The Meaning Of Mariah Carey, among other things, that Morgan has dealt drugs and was a drunken person, that he was guilty of violent crimes and involved shadowy figures. According to the brother, the memoirs caused a film project in which he was involved to suddenly cut ties with him. He states in court papers that no one ever contacted him about the book before it was released.

In early February, older sister Alison Carey sued the singer for defamation, because Mariah states in the book that her sister seriously injured her in their youth and that Alison encouraged her to have sex when she was young. The sister denies that and claims damages of $ 1.25 million from Mariah. It is not yet clear what brother Morgan is after.