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After some cryptic posts: fans are convinced that Britney Spears will soon tell her own story

‘Framing Britney Spears’ was on television with us last night, but the last word has clearly not yet been said about the controversial documentary. Today, the 39-year-old singer shared some cryptic posts on her Instagram account that convinced fans that Britney will soon be telling her own story.

Followers of Britney Spears are convinced that the singer is ready to tell her version of the facts. The blonde shared some remarkable photos on her Instagram account that, according to her fans, would have an underlying meaning. First, she shared a photo of a cup of tea, without caption or further explanation. In the comments, people are now asking if she wants to finally reveal some secrets. “ Britney has TEA !!! Spill it ! ” and “BRI-TEA-NEY SPEARS”, it sounds in the comments. These refer to the English word ‘ spill the tea ‘, an expression used when a person is hanging out someone else’s dirty laundry or is ready to tell the truth.

Normal life

Shortly afterwards, the singer shared a photo of an ice cream cone with several scoops of ice cream on it. So I tried the ice cream diet. My favorite flavor is strawberry, but after eating it twice a day for a week, I realized it was time for something different. Then I switched to chocolate… I soon got bored with that taste and that’s why I finally opted for vanilla. ” The fact that Britney now opts for this ‘normal and boring’ taste, is a sign to fans that she is ready for a normal life.

Britney made herself heard on social media after some comments from her good friend Billy Brasfield, who has worked as a make-up artist for the singer in the past. “She is very optimistic, extremely capable and smart. She has a strategy and people have to respect that, ”said Billy in an interview with The Sun. He is also convinced that Britney will regain control of her life.

How and whether Britney will respond is not yet known, but the singer is not the only one who has something to say. Netflix would also be working on a documentary about her life and the influence her father had on this. The streaming service has been working on the project for a while and according to Bloomberg filmmaker Erin Lee Carr was asked to direct the document. There are currently no further details. In addition, it is also not known whether it will be a film or a series.