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Bono banned handsome boys from supporting act because of ‘naughty’ daughter

U2 singer Bono has in the past banned handsome musicians from the support act of his concerts because his daughter had too many adventures.

Eve Hewson (29), the second daughter of Bono and his wife Ali, tells Town & Country magazine today  . “We were naughty with the two of us,” says the Irish about herself and her sister Jordan (31). “In my teenage years, there came a time when my father could no longer hire great bands for support programs. He was like, no more guys in their twenties, for God’s sake! ”

Nowadays her love life is just too quiet, she thinks. “I’ve heard they make robot girlfriends and hopefully they’ll come up with a male version soon, I think I’ll just wait for that. Then you can just pull the plug if they are inconvenient, ” she jokes.

Not in the music

Hewson has been working as an actress for several years, but has long thought that she would also go into music. As a child she learned to play all kinds of instruments, including bass guitar, piano and drums.

“But I was really bad at practicing,” she says. “When I started acting, I found that I could learn text and read scripts all day long, without it feeling like work. Practicing with music did. ”

I’ve heard they make robot girlfriends, hopefully they’ll come up with a male version soon

Eve Hewson

Eve bears her father’s last name, which is actually called Paul David Hewson. Although few people deduce who her dad is from her name, she has had negative experiences. Because of her famous father, some people underestimate her own talents. But that’s not all negative, she says. “If people don’t expect much from you, it’s even better if you prove them wrong.”