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Britney Spears makes own version of TIKTOK video on her song ‘Toxic’

People all over the world are currently making the same kind of movie on Britney Spears’ song ‘Toxic’. And the singer herself also joins in nicely.

As part of her  lover Sam Asghari’s birthday, they are both making their own version of the new TikTok ‘challenge’.


In the videos people are dancing in their shower (don’t worry, generally just dressed properly) to the 2003 song. Towards the end of the chorus they suddenly press their faces against the shower wall. Because yes, that’s how it actually sounds a bit in the song.

Some choose a different variant – the creativity on TikTok has no limits. See for yourself in the YouTube compilation at the bottom of the article.


But now Spears is also participating. And we don’t want to keep that from you, because you can only look at it with a grin on your face. And oh yeah, did we already mention that that handsome – and therefore birthday – friend of her also does his own version?