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Britney Spears: ‘My mother makes me sing again’

Just like countless fans, Britney Spears’s mother (39) is also eagerly awaiting the moment when the singer is back on stage. Lynne Spears therefore sent her daughter a video of an old performance, as can be seen on Instagram.

“My mom sent me this to remind me that I can sing,” 39-year-old Britney writes on a video shot more than 20 years ago that she herself would never have seen. ‘She said you never sing again. You have to do that again !!!! ‘

The singer last performed in 2018. A few months later, Britney called off her planned concert series in Las Vegas and she hasn’t been on stage since.

Whether Britney’s mother will get her way quickly remains to be seen. The singer, who has been under the supervision of her father Jamie since 2008 due to a mental breakdown, does not want to perform again until Spears is no longer her curator, according to her lawyer. Britney would like an independent party to take over the curatorship. The judge will consider the matter again next month.