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Britney Spears speaks up: ‘I don’t always have to be strong’

The year 2020 has been a difficult year for everyone worldwide due to the corona virus and the same applies to Britney Spears. The 39-year-old singer hopes to make a fresh start now that the month of March has arrived. Britney says via Instagram that she wants to heal herself internally through meditation and by drinking lots of tea.

“I hope everyone grows and heals this year, so that we can inspire each other”

Britney, who has been in the news frequently in recent weeks because of the controversial documentary Framing Britney Spears , wrote a personal message. “It was a madhouse last year, when I felt like God shed his tears on us. The corona virus has destroyed so much. And that’s why we need to use this New Year to cleanse ourselves and get both body and mind back in order, ”said Britney.

The singer also shared a snapshot of her sons. The photo shows that the boys are now bigger than their mother. ‘It’s so strange how time flies. My boys are so big now, ”Britney writes. “I know … it’s hard for any mother, especially a mother of boys, to watch them grow up so quickly.”

She continues: “It is important to pray and be kind to yourself. I resolve to allow myself not to always be strong or appear strong. And that it’s okay to cry sometimes. I hope everyone grows and heals this year so that we can inspire each other. Remember to always be nice to each other! ‘