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Burglar Kim Kardashian claims to be her husband

Bad news for Kim Kardashian (40). The reality star, who is currently in divorce with her husband Kanye West (43), was unpleasantly surprised by a burglar at her home in California last week. The man was caught outside the house by Kim’s security guards and was therefore unable to penetrate the house. The 24-year-old burglar was immediately arrested by the police, who kept him under psychiatric supervision for 72 hours. He claimed to be Kardashian’s husband. This reports ‘Page Six’.

Since Kim was brutally robbed in 2016 in the apartment she was staying at during Paris fashion week, the star has always had security around her. Those security guards now made sure that the burglar could not get near her. The man is being charged with unlawfully entering private territory.

It is not known whether Kim and her children were at home when the man attempted to enter the premises. Spokespersons for the reality star did not want to respond.