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Daniel Radcliffe is ashamed of his own acting skills

Daniel Radcliffe looks at his own acting in the Harry Potter films with mixed feelings . The British actor said this in conversation with Elijah Wood, who himself became known from Lord Of The Rings .

“I’m deeply ashamed of some of my acting achievements,” says Radcliffe, now 31. “But yes, it is the same if you ask someone about their teenage years.”

Despite the fact that he finds it difficult to look at himself, he is very grateful for the role he has been allowed to play. Radcliffe became world famous when he played the lead role in the first Harry Potter film as an 11-year-old boy . Then he made seven more. “I am incredibly grateful for that experience. It showed me what I want to do with the rest of my life, and that is really lucky, ”said the actor.

The Harry Potter films are based on the books by writer JK Rowling, which are about a wizard’s apprentice. The first movie was made in 2001, while the last in the series was released in 2011.