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David Letterman under fire for inappropriate behavior in old interviews: “Disgusting how he treats women”

David Letterman, one of America’s most famous talk show hosts, has come under fire after old snippets from the ‘Late Night Talk Show’ surfaced. It shows how he treats female actresses unfriendly and asks inappropriate questions. On social media, there are indignant reactions, especially now that the ‘Framing Britney Spears’ documentary exposes how the media deal with big stars.

David Letterman (73) was one of the hosts of the legendary ‘Late Night Talk Show’, by far the most famous talk show in the United States. Between 1982 and 2015, Letterman dared to ask the greatest celebrities the questions that everyone secretly wanted to know the answer to. He was known as a charming and cheerful interviewer, but also did not shy away from naughty questions and unexpected twists. 

That Letterman liked to ask spicy questions and create bizarre situations has not escaped the viewers of the show. Now that the ‘Framing Britney Spears’ documentary has stirred up a lot of controversy about how celebs are treated by the media, the fragments in which, according to critics, Letterman went out of his way come back to the surface. On social media, some are disgusted at how Letterman treated actresses like Lindsey Lohan (34) and Jennifer Aniston (52) during interviews when they were a lot younger.


In 1998, David Letterman interviewed top actress Jennifer Aniston when she was 29 years old. At the end of the show, the conversation takes a strange turn and Letterman starts sucking Aniston’s hair. “Forgive me if this is rude, I just want to try something,” he begins. He puts one hand on her neck and takes a lock of hair in his mouth, after which he starts to suck. Aniston clearly finds the situation uncomfortable, but tries to laugh anyway.

After the strange incident, Letterman wipes the actress and resumes the conversation. Aniston is clearly impressed with what just happened to her and has a hard time moving on. When he asks her to describe her latest film, she cannot get out of her words and the actress speaks a lot less fluently than we are used to from her. “You are traumatized by what just happened, aren’t you?” Asks Letterman, to which the actress jokingly admits that she is indeed a bit upset.

In the meantime, indignant reactions about the old fragment are raining on social media. “This is so scary and disgusting. So misogynistic to do something like that on national television, ”someone responds. “He doesn’t even announce why he’s doing that?” Another tweeted. “It’s horrible that he gives her a cloth to clean herself”, it also sounds.



Actress Lindsay Lohan also got into an uncomfortable situation a few years ago during a conversation with Letterman. Lohan was 26 years old at the time and was also struggling with her addictions at the time. Letterman did not pass up the opportunity to confront the actress with her greatest weakness. Out of nowhere he asks her: “By the way, shouldn’t you be in a drug addiction clinic right now?” The atmosphere immediately changes and Lohan is clearly shocked by his sudden question. The actress tries to be defensive, but Letterman dominates the conversation. 

Lohan then asks Letterman to focus on positive topics during the conversation, but the interviewer doesn’t go into that. He asks Lohan how many times she has had to go to rehab and why this time would be different. In addition, he also wants to know what exactly she should get rid of. “You should not joke about it, that’s so mean”, the actress replies, after which she starts to cry softly. Letterman has to laugh about that too.

David Letterman himself has not yet responded to the criticism he has received on social media.