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From secret love to painful public demise: Kim and Kanye through the years

Kim Kardashian (40) has officially filed for divorce from her husband Kanye West (43). After seven years, the couple breaks up in a friendly way, American media report. Kim would like to put an end to the marriage because – after her husband’s antics over the past year – she “does not know what she could do to save it. A painful public end to a relationship that once started out of irresistible attraction, but over the years has increasingly suffered from corona, distance and mental problems.

2003: First meeting

Kanye West first bumped into Kim Kardashian in 2003, courtesy of singer Brandy. “I met him in 2003, when he recorded a song with my girlfriend Brandy,” she says later. “I still vividly remember hanging out with him. He asked his friends, “Who is this Kim Kardajan?” He didn’t know what my name was, “she laughs. At that point, Kim is also married to her first husband Damon Thomas. 

2009: Kanye West first makes reference to ‘his’ Kim

He will never come out publicly, but it took Kanye six years to share his feelings with the world. In 2009, Kanye can be heard in Keri Hilson’s song ‘Knock You Down’, in which he sings: “You were always the cheerleader of my dreams. You seem to only date the head of the soccer team. And I was the class clown who always made you laugh. We were never meant to be, honey, we just happened. ” A clear reference to Kim, it turns out. 

2010: Kanye first appears on Kim’s reality show

The two keep in touch in silence. This is also proven by an episode of ‘Kim and Kourtney Take New York’ from 2010, in which Kanye West suddenly appears in front of the camera. He attends a Kardashians store opening. “Kanye and I have been good friends for a long time”, Kim said that evening. “He’s definitely someone whose fashion knowledge and style I respect and that’s why I wanted him to visit the store.”

2011: Kim gives her yes to Kris Humphries

Kim and Kanye are only friends at the time, as shown by the fact that Kim finds love with basketball player Kris Humphries, after the split with Damon Thomas. In 2011 they say yes to each other. But just as quickly as they got married (for millions of people on TV), the love is gone again: after barely 72 days, Kim files for divorce. Kanye feels especially jealous at that moment: later the rapper admits on television that he tried to get Kim to cancel the marriage. He even bought his very first mobile phone especially for that. “I started to send her pictures of cool and hip basketball players,” Kanye says of that period. “Like, ‘This will be your future now.’” 

2012: Kim and Kanye start dating

As Kim and Kris Humphries clash harder and harder, her feelings for Kanye soon surface again. The reality star finds comfort and support with him. In April 2012, Kim and Kanye are spotted together in public for the first time. The images leave little doubt that they are a couple. Moreover, Kanye appears again in ‘KUWTK’: he and his stylist are giving Kim’s wardrobe a real makeover. “Kanye inspires me to be more of an individual”, it sounds positive, although Kim later admits that she shed a tear when the stylist threw her favorite shoes in the trash. Barely a few months later, in December of that year. , Kanye West announces live during one of his performances that Kim is expecting their first child together.

2013: Down with the old, welcome to the new

The year 2013 is a tough year for Kim Kardashian. Although she is already pregnant with Kanye, she is still married to Kris on paper. This will only change after the birth of North West, on June 15, 2013. After that, Kim and Kanye can finally breathe and give their love every chance. And with result: in October of that year, Kanye asks ‘his’ Kim to marry him in an empty stadium. The whole thing is recorded and broadcast in ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’. 

2014: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West get married in Firenze

2014 is also a year of milestones. For example, Anna Wintour decides that Kim and Kanye can be on the cover of Vogue. It is the first time that a biracial couple has been allowed to take this place, and it is also a milestone for Kim, as the fashion world has mainly looked down on her and her family in recent years. “The best day ever”, she writes about it on Instagram, although she has to come back to it barely a month later: on May 24, Kim and Kanye will get married with many bells and whistles in Firenze, Italy. The party lasts for several days, and the reality star opts for a handmade Givenchy dress. A logical choice, given her close friendship with Riccardo Tisci, who is then at the head of the fashion house. Kim and Kanye’s wedding photos are sold for millions and appear in just about every newspaper and magazine around the world.

2015: Kim and Kanye are expecting their second child

Kim and Kanye go on a honeymoon, which turns out to be fertile. After that carefree holiday, the couple has again good news for the world: in May 2015 they announced that they are expecting another child. On December 5 of that year, son Saint West is born and Kim and Kanye can embrace their little miracle. 

2017: Baby number three is on its way

Kim and Kanye are eager to have more children, but North and Saint’s pregnancies and deliveries were so complicated that Kim is advised against getting pregnant. A tough one, although Kim and Kanye come up with a solution. The arrival of a third child will be confirmed in September 2017, this time via a surrogate mother. How much Kim and Kanye paid to the surrogate mother is not disclosed, but according to various media, the total amount is around 90,000 euros.

2018: Chicago West is born

Chicago West will be born on January 15, 2018. “Kanye and I are delighted to announce the arrival of our healthy, beautiful girl,” Kim said on social media. “We are incredibly grateful to our surrogate mother for making our dreams come true with the greatest gift she can give. And also our wonderful doctors and nurses for their special care. North and Saint are delighted to welcome their little sister. ”

2019: Baby number four and renewal of the wedding vows

A year after the birth of Chicago, Kim and Kanye welcome their fourth child, Psalm. He too is born with the help of a surrogate mother. Kim is over the moon: “He’s here and he’s perfect”, she writes on Twitter. And she adds that the little Psalm is like little sister Chicago. The family happiness seems to be complete, so decide the proud parents to renew their wedding vows in a small ceremony. Only their immediate family and four children are present, a stark contrast to their public wedding in Florence. “You are my husband. You are my best friend. You believe in me and you are my one true love “, Kim addresses those touching words to her husband. Not much later, however, their relationship would begin to show major cracks.

July 2020: Kanye for president

As the battle erupts between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, a third dog interferes – fairly late – in the presidential election. Kanye is also a candidate, he announced on Twitter. His wife seems to support him in this – she tweeted an emoji of the American flag – but behind the scenes it becomes clear that the couple is not immediately on a straight line in terms of politics, and that she is worried about her husband. This concern does not seem unjustified. At his very first rally, Kanye immediately caused a stir by telling tears that he was considering abortion when Kim was pregnant with their first daughter North. “It could well be that my wife wants to divorce me after this speech,” he cries. “But she brought North into this world, even though I didn’t want to. She had the pills in her hand. I almost killed my daughter. ” Kim is furious that her husband is sharing such a thing privately with the world, but keeps tight-lipped.  

That changes a few days later, when a furious Kanye also lashes out strongly at Kim and her family on social media. During a Twitter storm, which is removed again a little later, he says that he has been trying to divorce her for a year. And matriarch Kris Jenner also gets a swipe from the pan: ,, Kris Jong-un (a reference to the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, ed.) Is my favorite rapper, but she doesn’t want to sing a song with me . ” Kim then makes a statement. “As many of you know, Kanye has bipolar disorder,” she writes. “People who are close to Kanye and know how he is deep down in his heart understand that sometimes his words don’t match who he is.” She also talks about family members’ frustration when the person with bipolar disorder is not doing well. ,, People who understand mental health problems know that the family is powerless unless the person is a minor. ” Kanye then apologized – via Twitter. “I know I hurt you. Forgive me please.” 

December 2020: Physical separation

Officially, Kim and Kanye may still be married, but the couple will barely spend time together by the end of 2020. Kanye hides from the outside world on his ranch in Wyoming, Kim stays in California with their four children. The fact that the care for their offspring only falls on her shoulders is very difficult for the reality star. “She thinks it is terrible that Kanye does not ask how he can help her,” the press said. “The couple live side by side completely. They will never admit this themselves, because they don’t like to hang their dirty laundry outside. ” The two would also be just too busy with their own activities to pay much attention to each other. For example, Kim is committed to prison reform and tries to complete her law studies, After his loss in the presidential race, Kanye focuses fully on his music and his clothing line. ,,It is what it is.” 

January 2021: Rumor mill is running at full speed

Although they still maintain that they are a (happy) family, rumors about a possible divorce are getting louder. Kim wants to get rid of her third marriage, it sounds, and is said to have hired top lawyer Laura Wasser to manage the divorce. ‘She’s had enough’, it sounds in various magazines. ‘It is over.’ Amid all those divorce rumors, the couple is also plagued by rumors of adultery. Kanye is said to have an affair with YouTuber Jeffree Star, but he denies in all keys. “I’m single, I don’t share a bed with anyone now,” says Jeffree. And Kim? She poses subtly without a wedding ring in photos on social media. 

February 2021: The divorce is a fact

What has been coming for a while is now also a fact: Kim files for divorce after almost seven years of marriage. Her lawyer, Laura Wasser, files the divorce papers. Although Kanye is blown away by the news – “This is a gloomy day for him,” it sounds – the two stars are determined to handle the divorce as amicably as possible. For example, they would share custody of their four children. “Kim and Kanye adored each other and their family life, but they have grown apart”, it sounds. “Kim has become a lot more independent and is doing her own thing. She wants to continue living with the children in Los Angeles, close to her family, to give them a structured life. Kanye has other ideals that no longer match Kim’s. They are very sad about their breakup, but both realize that they are better off without each other. ” They themselves have not yet responded to the break. 

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