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Heidi Klum stopped daughter’s modeling career

The model blood flows where it cannot go, but Heidi Klum (47) has put a stop to that. The 16-year-old daughter of the top model was already asked to pose for the camera as a 12-year-old, but mama Heidi did not like that.

Leni, Heidi’s 16-year-old daughter, was already offered her first modeling contract at the age of 12. But the German supermodel did not like it. “In the end I said yes because she is old enough now. She is almost 17,” Heidi now tells People . Leni has now done a lot of jobs. “She’s doing fantastic. She has wanted to be a model for such a long time”, her proud mother tells the American magazine. “Her first job was the cover of the German Vogue .”

Leni and her mother posed together on the cover last December for the fashion magazine. “It was only a matter of time before I tried it out myself as a model,” Heidi’s daughter told Vogue . The fact that her mother did not allow it at first was a disappointment for Leni. “I begged my mother, but I had no chance. I now understand that I was really too young then.” When she was only 12, for example, she was asked to work for the popular brand Brandy Melville. 

Leni is now ready to let the modeling world smell a shit and Heidi is very proud of that. “There will be another cover coming out soon. She opened the Berlin Fashion Week, where I saw her on the catwalk for the first time,” says Heidi. “It is fantastic to see her at work. Of course she has been coming to sets with me all her life and she is not afraid of the camera at all.”