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How is it now with …? Slater from Saved by the Bell

Where have they gone? Stars of the time that have disappeared from the spotlight. Today: Mario López, known as Slater from Saved by the Bell.

Dimpled cheeks, a star in almost all sports and extremely popular at Bayside High: whoever reads these features will probably immediately think of Albert Clifford Slater from Saved by the Bell . Slater, who often had trouble with Zack Morris (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) in the series when it came to conquering girls’ hearts, has been all but silent after his role in the hit series. How is actor Mario López doing now?

Lopez’s role in the 90s teen series did him no harm. Although before Saved by the Bell he was already seen at a young age in  aka Pablo. and the hit sitcom The Golden Girls , the role of AC Slater brought him real success. After Saved by the Bellcame to an end in 1993, Lopez decided to also commit to the spin-off  Saved by the Bell: The College Years . The now 47-year-old actor fulfilled that role for five years. Then he spread his wings.

At first, spreading those wings did not work out as López probably hoped. He was offered a role in The Bold and the Beautiful in 2006 , starring Christian Ramirez. However, the character did not catch on and so it was written out of the series after only four months. Shortly afterwards he appeared as a candidate in the third season of Dancing with the Stars . López and his dance partner Karina Smirnoff, who was also his girlfriend at the time, finished in second place.

In the meantime, López took on all kinds of chores to stay in the spotlight. He appeared several times in series in which he played small roles and presented various shows. In 2008, López was offered a new, bigger job: presenting the MTV reality series America’s Best Dance Crew . He maintained this for three years, but that adventure also came to an end. López also recovered after that: he presented  X-Factor and spoke the voice of the happy smurf in The Smurfs 2 and The Smurfs 3 . It should be clear: the actor and presenter is not a quitter.

These days, hunk Slater focuses mainly on a healthy lifestyle and has become something of a fitness guru. He has released killerbody-like books and is a fanatic boxer. Last year he played AC Slater one more time for a sequel to the original  Saved by the Bell .

López has a bit more stability in the field of love. Although he was married to model and actress Ali Landry for only two weeks in 2004, he remarried Courtney Mazza in 2014. Together they had a daughter and a son.