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Lady Gaga dogs were tied to a stake

The woman who found Lady Gaga’s kidnapped dogs on Saturday found them tied to a stake in an alley. Bulldogs Koji and Gustav were abandoned miles from their home by the kidnappers, TMZ reports.

Police believe the woman, whose identity is being kept secret due to the ongoing investigation, has nothing to do with the kidnapping. She recognized the two four-legged friends from the stories in the media and took them to the police station. The bulldogs are doing well. The singer had offered a half million dollar reward for finding the dogs.

Koji and Gustav were taken by two men on Wednesday evening when Gaga’s dog walker Ryan Fischer did his regular round. While walking through West Hollywood, he was attacked by two men. They held Fischer at gunpoint and demanded that he give the dogs. When he didn’t, but tried to take out the robbers, he was shot in the chest. The perpetrators then fled with two of the three dogs.

Nothing is yet known about the perpetrators. Los Angeles police previously released a description of the perpetrators. It concerns two men between the ages of 20 and 25. Fischer is doing well under the circumstances. He is in a stable condition in the hospital and is not in danger to life.