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Paris Hilton blames David Letterman for ‘intentionally humiliated me’

Paris Hilton (40) looks back with great pain on an interview she gave to David Letterman (73), after she spent a short time in prison in 2007. According to the socialite, the American talk show host did not stick to the agreements made in advance and he put her on the block during the show to talk about that period, while she had made it clear that she absolutely did not want to. Paris announced this in a conversation with ‘E! News’.

“It made me very uncomfortable and really got the idea that he was deliberately trying to humiliate me. It was all so mean”

Letterman’s team had been asking me to be on the show for months, but I kept declining because I didn’t want to talk about my time in prison. which was a great opportunity. We made the deal to talk about my work only, so I felt safe and looked forward to it. In addition, I had been one of his guests for many years, so we knew each other well, ” Paris.

The reality star was too trusting, because Letterman threw in the question after a few minutes of talking: “Hey, what was that like being in prison?” “I was totally blown away, especially because he kept pushing. It made me very uncomfortable and really got the idea that he wanted to humiliate me on purpose. It was all so mean. During an advertising break I looked at him and said, ‘Stop this. on, you promised not to talk about this. ” But as soon as the cameras were running again he just kept going. Then I made up my mind never to return to his show and I told him that too. “

The presenter later apologized and sent a box of wine to Paris, who did not want to pay any further attention to the incident.

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