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Photo of Lionel Richie with younger girlfriend amazes the internet

It is no longer a secret that Lionel Richie (71) has a younger girlfriend. The singer has been with Lisa Parigi since 2014, who is said to be in her early thirties. But a recent photo of the couple is still causing a lot of excitement on the internet. 

Lionel posted the intimate photo online on Valentine. “Love is in the air”, he added. Reason enough for fans to be amazed at the large age difference of the couple: “He is old enough to be her grandfather”, it said. Jokes about the fact that he was already forty when she was born were eagerly shared on social media. Lionel’s youthful appearance was also about tongues. Because although he is no less than 40 years away from his beloved Lisa Parigi, fans have noticed that the singer does not look that much older in the picture. “He really doesn’t look 71 years old,” someone wrote. “This man just isn’t getting older”, another surprised. That the photo causes so much commotion, probably has to do with the fact that Lisa is barely seen on Lionel’s social media. However, the couple would have been together since 2014. 

However, the entrepreneur does not have to hope for a marriage. The singer clearly showed that in an interview a while ago. Lionel had already been married twice, to his high school sweetheart Brenda Harvey and to Diane Alexander. “I’ve been through it twice already and it turned out very expensive for me,” he explained. “I’m not going to do it a third time: the women screwed up for me. The kids are not the problem. , the ex-wives are. ” Lisa has accepted his decision, she said, “I don’t need a ring to appreciate our relationship. What we have together is enough. Lionel owes me nothing.” 

Children may still be able to come. “I’m ready to become a father again,” Lionel said in 2016. “I may have revealed a secret now, but Lisa and I are fine with the idea of ​​having children.” Although there do not seem to be any concrete plans to expand the family for the time being. Lionel already has three grown children: Nicole (39), whom he adopted with his first wife, and Sofia (22) and Miles (26) from his second marriage.