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Photographer sues Hilary Duff and Wendy Williams for libel

The photographer who was accused by Hilary Duff (33) last year of illegally photographing her children has now sued the actress for defamation and libel. That reports The Blast, who has the court papers. Talk show host Wendy Williams (56) is also being sued by the man for the same reasons.

In February last year, Hilary posted a video on Instagram in which she addresses the man, Darry Wilkins, about taking pictures of her children in a parking lot. “Paparazzo taking pictures of CHILDREN. Go ‘practice’ your photography on ADULTS! Scary! Laws need to change, this is stalking minors. Disgusting!” She wrote with the video at the time. Talk show host Wendy Williams picked up the item and spoke about the incident in similar terms. 

Both women have now been sued by Wilkins for libel, because according to the man, among other things, they insinuated that he is a child molester. “Those claims are false,” said court documents. “Because Wilkins is not a pedophile or child molester. He was just trying to take photos as a photographer, not as a paparazzo or stalker with bad intentions.” According to Wilkins, his professional reputation has been damaged by Hilary and Wendy’s statements. That is why he now wants compensation from both women.