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Plastic surgery gave Cardi B confidence: “I felt so ugly before”

Cardi B (28) makes no secret that she already had her body tinkered with. The plastic procedures give her confidence, she says in Interview Magazine. 

“Look, I’m from New York. That’s a melting pot, especially in the Bronx, where I grew up, ”says rap star Cardi B in Interview Magazine. “I was very thin when I was younger. And the Bronx is all about shapes. Guys called after me, ‘Look at your flat shit! And you have no breasts at all! ‘ It made me feel ugly and undeveloped, “she says. When she turned 18 and started making money in the strip club, she used that money to get plastic surgery done.” The insecurities I had about my breasts were disappeared, ”she says. “But when I turned 20, I went to strip clubs in the cities. You really must have a big poo there. I felt insecure about that, it reminded me of high school. So I also had my poo taken care of. Then I felt very confident. 

The stripping also gave her confidence, she admits. “When I first walked into the strip club, I was very shy. I was uncomfortable. I was embarrassed. I sometimes cried, ‘Oh if my mom or dad finds out about this, they’re going to be so humiliated’. But I needed the money, ”she says. “When I started stripping, I was making about $ 500 ($ 412) a night. As I grew up, I made maybe $ 5,000 ($ 4,115). And when I got really popular on Instagram, I made 7,000 (5,761 euros) to 10,000 dollars (8,230 euros) a week. I felt like a king. I felt unapproachable and so sexy because sometimes rappers would come to the strip club and ask me to join them. If I’m such a scum, why do they specifically ask for me? I am paid for my appearance.