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Sharon Stone ‘tricked’ into taking off panties in Basic Instinct

The iconic scene in ‘Basic Instinct’ in which Sharon Stone (63) spreads her legs was almost non-existent. The actress tells in her memoir ‘The Beauty of Living Twice’ that she was misled by director Paul Verhoeven (82) and was shocked when her crown jewels were shown to the moviegoers.

Basic Instinct came out in 1992 and there is one scene that is etched in the memory of all viewers: Sharon spreading her legs. Although it is an iconic moment in film history, it was not intended for her private parts to be seen, the actress now tells in her memoir The Beauty of Living Twice . The magazine Vanity Fair has an excerpt from the book, in which Sharon describes being tricked by the director of the film, Paul Verhoeven. 

Sharon was asked to take off her underpants while filming the scene in the interrogation room because her panties ‘reflected’ in the light. According to the actress, she was promised that her vagina would not be visible when the film was released. But nothing could be further from the truth. During an early screening she found out that it was indeed visible and she was not exactly happy about that. 

Sharon was uncomfortable. In her memoirs, she describes how she afterwards “punched Paul in the face” and then engaged her lawyer. He was able to tell her that it was illegal to be filmed in this way without her permission and that the film could be deleted. “I told Paul what I had heard,” Sharon says. “He said nothing was going to be done about it. I was just an actress, but a woman. I had no choice at all.” 

“In the end, I decided to leave the scene in because it was right for the movie and the character,” Sharon explains. The actress tried to approach the situation as ‘objectively as possible’. She also realized that this could be her breakthrough. Sharon turned out to be right. The film raised around $ 50 million worldwide and was nominated for multiple awards. In addition, Basic Instinct has become a beacon in film history.