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Son Angelina Jolie interferes in divorce and wants to renounce Pitt

The divorce between Brad Pitt (57) and Angelina Jolie (45) never ends. The two have been working on it since 2016 and now even eldest son Maddox (19) is making a contribution. Not only does he want his mother to have full custody of him and his brothers and sisters, he also wants to change his last name.

Brad and Angelina were together for twelve years, two of which were married, and filed for divorce in 2016. Shortly afterwards, it was revealed that Brad would have reacted aggressively both verbally and physically towards their six children. He even assaulted his eldest son. For Angelina, that would have been the last straw: she wants to move abroad with her children and goes to great lengths to prove that her ex treated his offspring badly. Maddox – who is said to have little contact with his father – has even testified against him in court. Brad was eventually cleared of these charges.

Angelina and her oldest son are now working together to make sure she gets full custody. Maddox was allowed to testify as an adult in court, where, according to witnesses, he did not portray such a fine image of his father. In addition to custody of his mother, he also plans to change his last name from Jolie-Pitt to Jolie. His mother would not like that, but he still uses the name Jolie in unofficial documents.

In total, more than twenty people will testify at the trial. Eventually, even the couple’s underage children will be put on the witness stand, but that still has to be approved by the judge. Brad demands shared custody, so Angelina wants full custody and more alimony.